About the Maker

Hi! My name is Lori Bean and I’m the owner/operator of Georgia Jams, LLC. I am a classically trained pastry chef, beekeeper, and substitute farmer. I made my first jar of jelly upon graduating culinary school in 2008. My dad gave me a copy of the Ball Blue Book (the handbook of canning) and my great-grandmother’s old tools and with a little guidance set me off in the right direction. Jam was something I had to defeat, it wasn’t something I learned from my family or in school, it was a struggle to get the method down to make something worth eating. That “worth eating” product quickly developed into a line of low-sugar fruit spreads that will change your idea of what jam should be.


About our spreads:

No sugary, clear fruit juice gels here. I make all of my spreads with the best of the season’s harvest, over 30 flavors throughout the year. By choosing fresh, local, in-season fruits for my spreads I am able to keep the sugar content low as the flavor of the ripe fruit sings out. I don’t believe in straining, if the fruit has edible seeds so does my spread. I keep the peels in my muscadine the way my great-grandmother did, and I still hand-peel pears. You'll recognize all of the ingredients on the label, that's a promise.


About our other ingredients:

I use Zulka pure evaporated cane juice in my spreads. This sugar is light brown in color, not white, and is not strained through bone char like commercial granulated sugar. Zulka sugar is vegan and non-gmo.

Pectin, the substance responsible for the "set" or "gel" in my spreads occurs naturally in citrus peel and other fruits. Pectin is a vegan product, don't confuse it with gelatin which is used to make Jell-O.

Take a look at the ingredient list, you’ll see we don’t have:

Additives * Flavor enhancers * Preservatives * Added Colors or Flavorings


About our farmers and purveyors:

Over the years we’ve developed relationships with our farmers who work tirelessly to grow the best possible fruits for my spreads. I make every effort to source my fruits from local farms. Using Georgia Grown is my top priority. Here are some of the farmers and purveyors we’re proud to work with:

Mercier Orchards - apples

Pearson’s Farm - peaches

Goodson Pecans - pecans

Mitcham Farms - strawberries

Miss Wendy – figs

The Farm at Meadowlark Gardens – hot peppers and blueberries

Whitaker Farms – blueberries

Southern Belle Farms – blackberries

Jailhouse Brewery - beer

Fire Mountain Coffee - coffee


About availability:

Most of our flavors are available for a limited time throughout the year. If Georgia has a bountiful harvest on a fruit crop we benefit from that harvest, but the reverse is true as well. We had an ice storm in 2013 that killed back our fig trees and left us without a fig harvest for a few years. Peach season was shortened in 2017, and the fast and furious peach harvest left everyone wanting more. While some folks may look at seasonality as an inconvenience, I see it as a landmark of quality. Cooking with the seasons allows me to have new fruit flavor to offer every few weeks and keeps my customers craving more. When your favorite flavor is in season, be prepared to stock up if you can't live without it!


About my kitchen

My Georgia Jams are made in a certified kitchen, inspected by the Department of Agriculture for safety and sanitary standards. My kitchen is located in Griffin, GA, and is simply a production kitchen and not open to the public. I do not have a retail store at my kitchen location, but please check out our shop locally tab to find a store near you.